It’s been quiet around here lately. We had Marc’s birthday celebration with my family on Sunday and we were supposed to celebrate with his family on Tuesday but I got sick so we have to reschedule.

We keep meaning to bring our families together. Neither of us have ever really introduced parents to parents as adults. But I’m also aware that three years is a long time to be a couple and not have families that at least know each other. But to be fair, Marc has only recently been involved with his dad so, we get a bit of a pass I guess.

I just don’t know how to do it. A restaurant seems weird but so does either house. I’m sure it’s a social situation that I’m overthinking but alas, such is my life.

It’s officially October which is really the beginning of fall for me. So I’m looking forward to fairs, pumpkins, and Halloween.

Marc and I have Netflix like real life people again. We. Are. Obsessed. There are so many things to be watched. We started Orange is the New Black (way late, I know) today once he got home from work. So that’s probably our new obsession (judge judy will have to wait for a bit)

The fact that I probably have to go to Marc’s old neighborhood is making him uncomfortable. I don’t care one way or the other. I have a lot of really great memories in that neighborhood. I have a lot of really shitty ones too but that’s part of life.

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Eiko Borcherding born 1977 in Aurich, Germany, 2000-06 studied at FH Hannover and HAW Hamburg. Since 2011 he has been a University lecturer for Drawing at HAW Hamburg. He now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

Borcherding create intricate and well-executed mixed media pencil drawings. With an eye for detail, he plays on the ideals of life and death, combining these elements in a way that creates a hauntingly beautiful duality. Recently, his work has begun to catch the eye of many art collectors resulting in art exhibitions throughout Europe via JuxtapozMag

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