1. @skidmarcs is being a bashful brat because I’m bragging on him on the Facebooks.


  2. I’m getting ready for skidmarcs to leave on Tuesday. He will be gone until Thursday which means this will be the longest we’ve been apart this year. I’m a total wuss cuz I’m gonna miss him something serious! But I’m incredibly proud of him for pursuing his dreams and I’m crossing my fingers that this leads to something big for him! I’m gonna have to take him out to dinner on Thursday to celebrate.


  3. Tomorrow


    I’m going to buy all the Cadbury creme eggs.

    Yes. This. Every year.


  5. Da babe doesn’t feel good still so I’m laying in bed watching Snapped while he sleeps.

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  7. Does anyone know where I could find a picture of this full dress? I’m obsessed with it. And no I’m not engaged and I don’t give a care.

  8. Tatoos.

  9. These are amazing.

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  10. Boyfriends asleep. I am bored.